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Taking Light to the Fight

A mobile robot built for a cleaner world.
Hygeia UV is a Far-UVC light sanitization robot that kills viruses, germs, and other harmful bacteria. 
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The future is sustainable and environmentally-friendly sanitization.

The science is proven the power of the sun kills pathogens.  Hygeia UV harnesses the power of the sun and moves the light to safely and efficiently deliver UVC sanitation without adding harmful chemicals into the environment. 

Your autonomous robot for effective cleaning.

Using Far-UVC light and modular, motion-sensing technology, Hygeia UV can maneuver around tight spaces to ensure a safe environment.  



The Hygeia UV robot is intelligently designed to use light to kill viruses, germs, and bacteria without leaving a trace of harmful chemicals.




Our sanitization soldier learns the room for optimal smart cleansing. Reports in the accompanying app and dosimeter cards provide a record of cleanliness.




With a small frame and wheels built to maneuver around tight spaces, our cleaning superhero gets the job done. If she could smile, she would.


Hygeia UV’s arm attachments make it easy to add and replace Far-UVC lights on your robot or to build other hygiene solutions like a mobile hand sanitizer station.



Light kills germs. Science has power. 

We took a simple rule of nature and harnessed it into our little mobile robot. And like the goddess after which she is named, she is powerful. 

The Hygeia UV robot uses Far-UVC light technology to kill viruses, germs, and other harmful bacteria on any surface. UV light has been used for years to kill germs and other bacteria. By attaching Far-UVC light bulbs to an agile robot, we’ve created an accessible solution for a sanitization service that can be used in public spaces, transportation services, hospitals, hospitality, and most other businesses. 

Like the sun, the effectiveness of light is directly proportional to the distance away from the light and time. 

  • Wheels: Our compact, lightweight, modular robot can deliver the right amount of dosage to tight spaces thanks to its small frame and wheels.


  • Lightbulbs: Our germicidal light bulbs shine a high dosage of UVC light on potentially contaminated surfaces. This kills RNA inside the cell so that the cell can’t replicate and spread. 
  • Dosimeter Cards: Each Hygeia UV robot comes with dosimeter cards. This allows you to meet compliance standards with proof of the effectiveness of Far-UVC light on multiple surfaces. 
  • Modular: The Hygeia UV robot is a slender robot, with adjustable modular Far-UVC light arms attached, making it a customizable sanitization solution that’s easy to use and quick to deploy.

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